SHIP MANAGEMENT & AGENCY SERVICESWe, over the years, have established and developed an excellent working relationship with the shipping community and relevant authorities, enabling us to serve our clients better. Our services are designed to reduce vessel operating costs while promoting efficiency.
With our vast experience in ISM and ISPS implementation, our Document of Compliance (DOC) issued by Bureau Veritas (BV), and our verified SMS Manual, we managed and are still managing ships of different sizes and types such as

  • MT Ihem
  • MV Solina
  • MV Khajan
  • MV Mounfiq
  •  B11


MANNING CREW MANAGEMENT SERVICES by Brick LtdWe are a licensed Manning Agent with an increasing portfolio in seafarer's recruitment and management. We presently crew and manage for Oil and Industrial Services, Hadnuvo Marine Limited amongst others. Our recent manning solution (MySea-Hub) is a crew management platform that is aimed at drawing a pool of competent and qualified seafarers from across the International Maritime Community and performs functions such as

  • Certificate Verification
  • STCW 95 and MLC 2006 Compliance
  • Crew Change and scheduling.
  • Certificate Expiration Notification


Logistics and Operations Services

Logistics and Operations Services by Bricks LtdWe have developed competence in the Marine offshore sector with suitable solutions in the area of sourcing and managing specialized support vessels and barges. We have a complete circle of solutions that carter from the identification of equipment from other parts of the world up to the point of mobilization to the work location.

Our Offshore Operations capabilities earned us a place as technical partners to develop and build capacity for appointing offshore stevedores to the IOCs. our mandate is to provide offshore cargo handling capacity identified as a gap to enable uninterrupted offshore operations for the Oil and Gas Upstream Sector

Marine Inspection/Valuation Services

Marine Inspection Valuation Services by bricks ltdBricks provide competency in various types of Vessel inspections ranging from PreMobilization, Valuation, and Evaluation, Pre-Purchase /sale/hire, Hull Integrity inspections etc.

We provide both compliance inspection of vessels to either satisfy the specific requirement of the client as per checklist or general requirement drawn from OVID and SIRE models.

We are familiar with the various check-lists of the IOCs operating in the Nigerian Offshore industry. In addition to Vessel inspection, Bricks is also able to provide equipment and Machinery Inspection in compliance with OEM guidelines as well as Cargo inspection/survey.


MARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES by Bricks ltdWe are a One-Stop-Shop, providing a suite of Tailor-Made Marine technical Solutions that meet the needs of our clients in a cost-effective standard.

Our Marine Technical operations include:

  • Repairs and Maintenance Services: We offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services of Marine equipment.
  • Boat Rebuild Services: Our solution is designed towards both floating and shore repairs using dedicated and versatile resources.
  • Survey Services: We provide services in Ship Valuation, Pre-Hire, Pre-Mob, and other types of ship surveys and inspections.
  • Salvage Services: We are experts in providing salvage and towage services to the maritime community with a record of salvaging and relocating client's vessels.
  • Project Management: We plan and supervise marine technical projects. We have managed projects ranging from, offshore cranes, ship repairs, Main/Auxiliary engines, and docking supervision by drawing up project plans and operating same.


SECURITY SERVICES by Bricks LtdWith relevant security licenses and an active member of MASPAN, we offer bespoke security solutions to our clients. Our security equipment and accessories are designed to minimize risks and security threats as low as practicable. We provide security equipment and accessories such as Alarms, Intruder control, security boats, and Surveillance System. We also have tracking solutions that accord our clients the opportunity to monitor and collate reports of any maritime assets.


TECHNOLOGY SERVICES by Brick LtdOur technology service includes design, installation, and maintenance of security systems to provide better security to assets both offshore and inshore; on platforms, ships, buildings, and mobile units.

In compliance with International Ships and Port Security (ISPS) Code, we have been licensed by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) to design and provide solutions for ships and Port facilities in response to Risk Assessment recommendations

Our systems can be installed independently or in integration with ease of control, low cost of maintenance, and high reliability. Be it access control, CCTV system (day and night), intrusion detection system, electronic log system, tracking system, etc. BML is a reliable partner of choice

In Partnership with COMNAV Canada, we provide globally competitive products in terms of durability and cost-effectiveness such as Thermal Imaging devices, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), Auto Pilots, Compass and other communication and Navigational electronics. In addition, we engage other specially selected equipment carefully to design our Security solution to suit different client’s peculiar needs.


MARITIME CONSULTANCY SERVICES by Bricks LtdBricks have over 11 years of consultation experience in the marine community. We consult in the area of marine audits, mooring analysis, and vessel audits.

With our highly experienced team, we provide consulting services in areas such as maritime project management, port and maritime revenue drive, etc. With our highly competent personnel, we provide consulting services in the following areas

  • Marine project management
  • Maritime security consultancy under ISPS
  • Port and maritime revenue drive

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We stand out for the delivery of quality services to our clients. We achieve this by having a formidable team, technical expertise, and a well-structured quality assurance system.



Our strategy is, take in lessons from past experiences to create present successes and plans for future takeovers; thus, sustainability is our watchword. As a future-oriented company, with a growing portfolio, you can rest assured that your business is safe with us.



At the center of our operations is our clients. We work for them and remain passionate while doing so. Customer satisfaction is a vital part of our success; we are therefore dedicated to achieving the highest level of it.



Our core values lie in our ties to family. Despite our global mindset, our family spirit remains. We remember where we come from and how we only got here by staying connected to our roots.