Bricks Aviation Services

Our focus is on providing the very best support solutions to Airlines and Airports. We use our deep understanding of our partners’ and airports’ operations to provide support needed to keep both fleets and airports running effectively and efficiently. Through our commitments to the principles of reliable execution, forward thinking outlook, operational agility and quality of service, we are able to provide the following solutions amongst others:

Bricks is currently open to new partnerships with commercial operators. 

Aviation Security (AVSEC)

When it comes to protecting your Aircraft, Airport and the people that pass through, safety is paramount. From vendor screening to security sweeps and overnight surveillance of aircrafts, Airport parameters, employees, Cargo/Baggage screening, Cue management, drug detection services, we are positioned to provide you with the right solutions.

Aviation Logistics Services

Through strategic partnerships with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) we are positions to provide aircraft and other aviation craft operators with spares, parts, lubricants and to provide storage and movements of same.

At Bricks, we extend logistics services for operators to carter for their all-round logistics from equipment to personal and crafts.

We aim to provide added value for both customers and OEM through competitive pricing and to achieve lower lead times. We are proud to provide our clients with reliable services, ensuring safety, availability, innovation, and adding value in the process as well as integrated logistics.

Our product market segment includes:
Military & Commercial aircrafts
Military & Commercial Helicopters
Engines & Systems Spare Parts, Aviation Lubricants, Greases & Fluids e.t.c

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